Banned on the Run, Day 91 – A more bushy experience

Day 91 Wednesday 9/9/20 Darlington Beach, sunny 24

A warm morning. A roo and her Joey are outside the kitchen window.

We sit about. Enjoying the sun and the park and photographing flowers. We watch the plovers as the chick ventures further. Whenever the parents fly off to attack a likely predator the little chick ducks down and pretends to be a leaf.

We check out the glamping tents and the unpowered camping area.

We farewell H&M at happy hour while once more we watch the chick settling into the nest with the unhatched eggs.

It’s a warm evening under cloud cover, rain is due tonight. Jasmine wafts on the air. Where is it coming from? The dump point, someone sensibly planted a jasmine beside it.

Victorians are disgruntled about the extended lockdown. Case numbers are below 100 now but but still up and down. State Premiers are firm on keeping borders closed except the NSW Premier wants the NSW/QLD border opened.

Glamping tents overlook at lagoon at Darlington Beach
The hibiscus bushes in the gardens are a delight
The unpowered area, you could forget that you were in a caravan park
Grevillea, but don’t ask me which one

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