Banned on the Run, Day 101 – Urunga boardwalk

Day 101 Saturday 19/9/20 Mylestom, sunny warm 23

I run into a fisherman returning from the beach. I’ve seen him several times sitting patiently on an upturned bucket. Today he tells me he caught only two tiddlers but two large seaweed. Reckons he likes sushi anyway.

At least he likes sushi

You’ve gotta love caravanning when an ant falls out from between the sheets of toilet roll only to dance on your toes before scurrying off to who knows where.

We take the Prado’s on the interesting drives that we did yesterday, sharing the excitement of exploration. In Urunga we walk the popular boardwalk. A walk of more than a kilometre the walkway skirts the river entrance from the town out to the ocean. It’s a good place to view the meeting of the Kalang and Bellinger Rivers and our base of Mylestom can be seen in the distance upstream. A fresh sea breeze leaves us well salted. Fish can be seen in the shallows and an osprey soars on the breeze.

We cook pork steaks for dinner with an unusual yoghurt sauce. Thanks Google, I’d never thought of mixing BBQ sauce, Greek yoghurt, Dijon mustard and Horseradish together. That’s going into the recipe database with five stars against it!

The entrance at Urunga, NSW
Two rivers converging and Mylestom in the distance, Urunga, NSW
From the boardwalk, the town of Urunga to the left
Gawd, I s’pose we have to walk back now.

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