Banned on the Run, Day 102 – Nature’s beauty

Day 102 Sunday 20/9/20 Mylestom, overcast with a few drops 24

The topsail schooner familiar to many Melburnians, the Alma Doepel was built here in 1903 and named after the builder’s youngest daughter. This graceful ship was a coastal trader until 1975.

Woody gallops across the road to buy more sourdough bread from the resident home baker. We’ve settled in to life here, quietly walking the beach and roaming the few streets of town. Woody drives to Boambee to wash the car. El Prado wanders one of the beach tracks and finds tiny orchids, Cattleya Coccinea, lantana and morning glory. Elle always busy in her kitchen makes meat balls. I go bird watching because there are Rainbow Bee Eaters here in the bordering Bongil Bongil National Park. Vibrant and vigilant they sit on the power lines swooping in an instant to catch bees and wasps. I later read that they squeeze the venom from their prey before eating them. Victorian Covid cases are now down to 14.

Tiny native orchids
and tiny exquisitely beautiful birds, the Rainbow Bee Eater

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