Banned on the Run, Day 103 – Roasting in the rain

Day 103 Monday 21/9/20 Mylestom, hot then wet 29

We drive into to Bellingen for fruit and vegies, I slyly check the case moths hanging in the trees. As the Prado’s are cooking dinner tonight we buy cakes for dessert from Hearthfire Bakery, the one down the lane beside the Federal Hotel. By the time we return the strong sea breeze is playing havoc with the Prado awning. The warm wind becomes most unpleasant to be outside and the roof hatches can’t be opened as they bang and clatter with the wind from the wrong angle. Inside the van it’s hot, sauna hot.

We had planned tonight’s beef roast for some time and had chosen tonight for the forecast of the warmest evening. I guess we didn’t check for rain. We squeeze under our awning, which is in the lee, as rain falls, warm rain. Hey, we’re dry and El Prado has done a great job with the roast and the tarts from Hearthfire, oh yum!

You may wonder why we don’t go sightseeing every day but we’re in no hurry. It might seem strange but it’s not a holiday, it’s a lifestyle. We know this area quite well and sometimes we’re happy to just potter or read or sit on the beach and daydream.

Victorian Covid cases 11, thankfully slowly dropping.

Too busy eating to photograph the roast. Come on… you know what a roast looks like!

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