It’s a long way to the top, Day 9 – Soaking up the solitude

Day 9 Saturday June 14th 2014 Coopernook

It starts to rain gently in the wee hours of the morning yet it is warm enough to have breakfast outside. We meet our neighbour Fred from Port Macquarie. Fred and his wife have sold their house and have several months to wait for the new one to be built. They intend to go north in their camper trailer but have a few loose ends to tie up before they hit the road. Here they are 70kms south of home waiting. One of the loose ends is Fred’s dying mother in law.

It drizzles all day so we sit under the awning reading.

Travelling Kms: 0Kms

2020 Note: We pulled into Coopernook Forest a few years back and the place was packed. Every man and his dog was there so we quickly moved on. Sometimes it’s all about the timing.

Not a bad window view, thick bush and a fire trail

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