It’s a long way to the top, Day 15 – Clubs and pubs

Day 15 Friday June 20th 2014 Iluka (Woody Head) to Mullumbimby

By the time we reach Ballina it is 21 degrees and steamy. Our old $10 Aldi multi device car charger has finally died, probably from overwork. We walk and drive around the town several times before we find a replacement at Supa Cheap Auto. In fact we have to buy two, one for the phones and one for the Bluetooth. C’est la vie. Our efforts to find a car wash fail but we get chatting to a lovely caravanning couple and they tell us not to miss the town of Serat and the Nindigully Pub on our inland leg.

It’s a steep climb past Byron Bay as they are still making the new road, but the views across to Byron and the lighthouse are fabulous. At Mullumbimby Leagues Club we ask a couple of regulars for the campground caretaker. “See that bloody big Norfolk pine over there, ask for Marg”. Bordered by the footy ground, a golf course and the river there’s a large grassy area with about twenty vans, motor homes and buses it costs us $25.

Mullumbimby Leagues Club campground, is that a golf course?
Crikey, we’ve got a river view!

Mullumbimby township is about two kilometres away and a good walk. The shopping strip is lined with palm trees there is a fair sprinkling of homewares and coffee shops. The real estate is expensive. This is the opposite of Iluka. We have a beer at the Middle Pub and sit at the open window watching the passing parade. The locals are a colourful bunch either well heeled or hippie folk. There is a predominance of beanies, dreadlocks and harem pants among the later and a lot of the wearers seem to be over sixty.

Travelling Kms: 125Kms

2020 Note: You’ve gotta love the reference to pubs as The Top Pub, The Bottom Pub and The Middle Pub. It must get tricky when there are more than three in town.

The Middle Pub, Mullumbimby or is it the Presbyterian Church?

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