It’s a long way to the top, Day 18 – Dicky Beach

Day 18 Monday June 23rd 2014 Maroochydore

 God, this is the life. We sleep like babies and our only concern is the sand on our shoes, in the car and on the van floor. This is a problem that most people would dream of!

I walk along the beach as far as Alexandra headland and back. The beach is so wide and flat and the sand so firm. There are surfers out working the small waves and the morning sun glares off the windows of the high-rise buildings.

We drive south. People are sitting in the sun drinking coffee at Mooloolaba, we wander around the fishermen’s harbour and marina then drive on as far as Caloundra. We have fish and chips in the sun at a quiet little spot called Dicky Beach. It is named after a ship, the SS Dicky that foundered here. A few pieces of metal remain jutting from the sand.

The very good golfer has dinner with her niece who lives locally while we BBQ snags it is a mild evening.

Wreck of the SS Dicky

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