It’s a long way to the top, Day 89 – Carlo Sand Blow

Day 89 Tue Sep 2nd 2014 Rainbow Beach

We climb the Carlo Sand Blow which is impressive as it rises directly behind the town. One side drops away to the sea with views of Double Island Point. The other overlooks the town and Tin Can inlet. It was named after one of his crew by Captain Cook in 1770. While we sit and gawp at the enormity of this sand dune, hang gliders soar above us.

The surf lifesaving club has both an outstanding view of the beach and cold beer.

A hang glider above the Carlo Sand Blow
From the Carlo Sand Blow looking towards the town of Rainbow Beach

We race down to the beach with the intention of walking along it to the coloured sands, but although it is low tide it is too high to risk it. We settle with viewing it from a distance.

The little jetty out front is constantly in use by fishermen cleaning their catch. The pelicans wait patiently for scraps.

A long-distance view of the Coloured Sands at Rainbow Beach, Qld

Towing Kms: 0

2021 Note: From the Rainbow Beach Caravan Park you get the feeling that the sand blow is about to engulf all beneath it.

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