It’s a long way to the top, Day 88 – Who’s the boss?

Day 88 Mon Sep 1st 2014 Rainbow Beach

It’s Monday morning and it is warm enough to eat breakfast outdoors again.  In front of us there is a rather noisy camp of people who we’ve noticed won’t walk to the toilet, they drive! And no, they’re not disabled, we’ve checked that out. This morning ‘the boss’, as we’ve begun to call him, is pacing back and forth talking loudly into his phone. I think that he wants to feel needed but isn’t, the staff are probably glad that he’s away with the family for a few days. We hear all about a concrete pour that went wrong last Friday because one of his staff was more worried about the results of his MRI than the concrete. We hear about it over and over as ‘the boss’ rings everyone he knows. They’re meant to have left the camp by 10:00am but instead they pack up the tents, drop everything and go fishing. They tow the boat back with ‘the boss’ riding across the park standing upright, in the boat, did I mention that his neck is in a brace? He’s a bright spark this guy! The park manager is haggling with them to leave but they restart the fire and cook the fish instead. Eventually they go and the park becomes blissfully quiet and now we have an uninterrupted view of gum trees and the inlet. Ah the serenity.

Towing Kms: 0

Carlo Point and we’ve almost got the bush camp to ourselves now
This old girl has seen better days
Sunset at Carlo Point, Qld

8 thoughts on “It’s a long way to the top, Day 88 – Who’s the boss?

  1. Ah, the entertainment from our fellow campers! The other day, I briefed my husband on a neighbor’s medical history. Why they feel compelled to get on the phone and talked loudly so the whole camp can hear is a mystery to me. I must be easily entertained 😆


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