It’s a long way to the top, Day 101 – Crescent Head

Day 101 Saturday 13th Sept 2014 Crescent Head

We’re camped right on the Killick Creek near a little wooden bridge. We can see the creek mouth and the beach. There is plenty of people watching to do. People strolling, kids and dogs swimming and pelicans swimming up and down the creek. At low tide the creek is narrow and innocent at high tide broad and fast running and constantly gnawing away at the sand banks.

Killick Creek, Crescent Head and the view from our campsite

The beach really should be called the pink beach because if you ‘do an emu’ and look closely at the sand there are tiny pink cone shells, tufts of pink sponges and pink barnacles.

The houses are set high up on the hill with views over the beach, the creek, and the lagoon.

The evenings are mild enough for us to BBQ the ‘award winning’ snags. Yep, they’re good.

Towing Kms: 0

2021 Note: Those tiny pink shells are Banded Kelp Shells Bankivia Fasciata.

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