Like a Rollingstone, Day 12 – The Optimism of youth

Day 12 21/5/2016, Saturday, Bourke, Warm

A lay day today, an extra day in Bourke to catch our breath and while we’re relaxing watching the antics of the Apostle birds as they play in the dust who should rock up? None other than a new club member who was in Balranald with us.

In the afternoon we drive out to North Bourke to see the aptly named Old North Bourke Bridge. I tour the Back O’ Bourke display which would have put Woody to sleep, especially all the poetry. Poetry? Well Henry Lawson was sent out here by The Bulletin newspaper to get a feel for the bush. It almost claimed his life, but he went on to write “If you know Bourke, you know Australia”.

There is a young English biker fellow camped in a tent beside VeeWee. His name is Adam and his bike has broken down. If that isn’t bad enough it is only the first day of his 3week outback trip. Also, as he has only just joined NRMA he can’t ring for help until Monday. He must be a member for 48 hours before requesting assistance. He’s hoping for a lift to Cobar as that has the nearest motorcycle repairer. But probably worst of all is his trip plan: Sydney to Bourke across the Simpson Desert to Oodnadatta up to Alice Springs then down to the Flinders Ranges and returning to Sydney………in 3 weeks! Now we reckon it would take us three weeks just to do the Sydney to Bourke leg.

Before we know it it’s Happy Hour at the camp kitchen again and hosts Dan and Steph are cooking up pizzas tonight. We order two and quickly realise that tomorrow’s lunch on the road will be yummy cold pizza.

Towing Kms: 0

Old North Bourke Bridge

4 thoughts on “Like a Rollingstone, Day 12 – The Optimism of youth

  1. Sounds to me as though Adam was very new to this “outback traveling”, I hope he was flexible enough to change his plans when things didn’t go the way he expected.


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