Like a Rollingstone, Day 13 – Tumbling Tumbleweed

Day 13, 22/5/2016, Sunday, Bourke to Walgett, Warm 27

With great excitement we take to the road, tumbleweed rolls across the road like acrobatic wombats, we’re going to camp just out of Brewarrina, I’d like to check out those historic fish traps. Until we get into town that is. As we turn the corner and pull up a black car does the same. We leave our cars but they don’t. Woody buys a paper. VeeWee and I wait, chat to locals and keep watch. We daren’t walk away. We return to our vehicles and they drive off, quickly. We decide to move on, shops are shuttered and barred it’s not a good look.

Likewise Walgett, although busier it also has too many shuttered premises for our liking. We take the Castlereagh Highway north and camp beside the Barwon River. VeeWee has trouble setting up her satellite dish but eventually gets it right in the nick of time for today’s footy match. We spend a relaxing afternoon reading while VeeWee shouts “Kick it!” Yes, the Lions are playing or should I say, losing.

We notice that the passenger side floor mat in the Jeep is soggy.

Towing Kms: 232Kms

Barwon River north of Walgett
VeeWee’s happy she’s got a signal, shame about her footy team though!

4 thoughts on “Like a Rollingstone, Day 13 – Tumbling Tumbleweed

  1. Yes, there are a few towns about the place where one doubts the wisdom of staying, especially in an informal camp area. Brewarrina was one such, for us, too – and I wouldn’t bush camp anywhere close to Walgett, either. Sad, but just the way things are…..


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