Like a Rollingstone, Day 25 – Emerald and a gem of a day

Day 25 Friday, 3/6/2016, Roma to Emerald, wet

It’s raining again.

The reason for a long drive (400kms) north today was:

200mm of rain forecast for S.E Qld.

Only three small towns on the way.

A warmer climate zone.

We don’t normally like long drives but with severe weather warnings it is the best option. It rains all the way to Emerald but the colours of the bush are enhanced. Cream and pink grasses, straight black tree trunks and leaves washed to a thousand shades of green. The road passes through a small section of Carnarvon National Park. Steep walls of white sandstone, ancient cycads and escarpments high above. How different is the weather from when we visited here two winters ago when it was hot and dry.
At Rolleston an enterprising woman has set up a coffee cart near the public toilets. Wet bedraggled caravanners wander about clutching paper cups in the rain.

The rain stops as we arrive at Emerald and we are lucky enough to get ourselves set up before thunderstorms hit. The southern sky is illuminated with lightning and rain hammers so loudly that we give up trying to watch television (even I can’t hear it) and just go to bed. 
Ah but I haven’t described the road conditions have I? The Carnarvon Way as it is called is one of those bumpy, rocking and rolling roads and even more difficult in the wet. As we set up we notice more than one problem:

The car floor is wet again.

A leak has re appeared behind the bed head.

The water tanks are empty, having deposited 180 litres of fresh water along the Carnarvon Way.

One of the fridge shelves has dislodged from the door and deposited its contents throughout the fridge.

So how was your day?

Towing Kms: 402kms

Yep, we’ve got a leak!

6 thoughts on “Like a Rollingstone, Day 25 – Emerald and a gem of a day

    1. Oh no, don’t let me put you off, it’s a good road, it’s just one of those ones that has its own repetitive rocking and rolling sort of camber that has you wondering if the road builders were on something. The Burnett does the same sort of thing, plays hell with my neck.


  1. Over the years that we were regularly heading north over that route and the Kidman/Matilda Way, we noticed a steady deterioration in the quality of those roads. We blamed it on a combination of poor road making on black and cracking clays, and vastly increased truck traffic on the roads. We actually once passed a caravan reduced to matchsticks due to the abysmal road between Miles and Goondiwindi. It was literally shaken apart…..


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