Like a Rollingstone, Day 33 – Theresa Creek Dam to Charters Towers

Day 33 11/6/2016, Saturday, Theresa Creek Dam to Charters Towers, warm

Just beyond Clermont there is a large coal mine and a coal conveyor belt disappears into the distance. We’re back into red dirt, ant hill and mulga country. The road improves wherever it is paved with pink granite. Bring on the pink roads. The only ‘town’ on this section is Belyando Crossing which in wetter times is an oasis on the Belyando River. However today the river is dry and the roadhouse is little more than a fuel and fried food stop.

Everyone has told us about the buildings of Charters Towers and we are wowed by its old world charm. We pull into the Aussie Outback Oasis caravan park and find ourselves surrounded by Australian Caravan Club members. Woody dives under the bed and pulls out our club flag to proudly display. Yes, the Mackay group The Sugar City Pioneers are having a muster here and they invite us to join them for happy hour. But that’s not the only surprise, the couple camped beside us are originally from Mornington and C and I went to school together. You never know who you’ll run into on the road.

Towing Kms: 395kms

Map Source: WikiCamps

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