Like a Rollingstone, Days 40 & 41 – The Annexe

Day 40 Saturday 18/6/2016, Rollingstone, hot 28

We have only one chore to do today…put up the annexe. After huffing and puffing, red faces and sweating we finally collapse exhausted but with the annexe looking pretty good. Well, it is only our second try and we halved the erection time. Only three hours this time and worth it for the extra space seeing that we’re putting our feet up for a while.

We tour nearby Balgal Beach in the afternoon, there’s no way we’d walk along the beach to it! Funny thing is that we can see the Balgal fish & chip cafe from our beach and it is very close but a croc lives in the creek, it is a fourteen kilometre drive to get there by road. We finish the day with a drink at the bar overlooking the lake. It is warm and perfectly still with a lot of rain forecast.

View from the annexe

Day 41 Sunday 19/6/2016, Rollingstone, cool and very wet

It started raining heavily in the wee hours and drizzled on and off during the day. Thank goodness we have the annexe up.

2021 Note: That bloody annexe, we put it up again on Phillip Island when a friend stayed with us and once more at Sawtell when we had booked in for 3 weeks. The site had poor drainage and with several days of rain we had to wear gumboots to wade through the water in the annexe. It’s now neatly bagged up in the garage waiting to go on ebay, maybe someone else will love it more than we have.

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