Like a Rollingstone, Day 65 – Kangaroos and Cameras

Day 65 Wednesday, 13/7/2016, Cape Hillsborough, 24

I bound out of bed at 6:15 and out onto the beach to find that the ‘show’ has already begun. Each morning they encourage the kangaroos and wallabies onto the beach at dawn. There are about half a dozen macropods on the beach and twenty people gathered around with cameras clicking. It is quite a sight with the sun rising over the island and the stars of the show the Roos.

Seaforth is nearby, with holiday and retirement homes flanking a wide campground. There’s a large curving beach complete with stinger net to keep the nasties away during the summer months. Two other tiny hamlets, Ball Bay and Halliday Bay make up the community of this region. One general store at Seaforth services the whole area.

The stinger net on Seaforth beach, a novelty to us southerners

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