Like a Rollingstone, Day 66 – Celebratory caravan cooking

Day 66 Thursday, 14/7/2016, Cape Hillsborough, cloudy wet 17

It’s Woody’s 70th birthday and we drive into Mackay for lunch. We find a friendly Thai restaurant overlooking the marina and feel rather special as there’s no one else there.

Back at camp we spend the afternoon preparing a Chinese dinner. I bake a cake in our wondrous new oven then can’t figure out where to put it…..the coffee machine is on the bathroom floor along with the fruit bowl, but that seems to live on the bathroom floor most of the time, and a pumpkin that has been waiting for us to cook a lamb roast …sometime. The table has the ingredients for the Lup Yuk, dried pork, potatoes, spring onions. The sink is where I’m preparing the Fried Rice, more spring onions, the rice cooker (which usually lives under the bed) ham, eggs, Lup Cheong pork sausage, peas, the list goes on. Damn, the bed is the only reasonably flat space left for the cake. The weather has turned nasty as forecast which rules out the champagne sunset on the beach and has dictated that all our dinner will be cooked inside. Woody please don’t sit on the bed!

In all the kerfuffle and thumping tropical rain I forgot to take a celebratory photo, but this is where we are camped behind those palms

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