Like a Rollingstone, Day 89 – Back to the city

Day 89 Saturday, 6/8/2016, Toowoomba to Burleigh Heads, nice morning, cold ‘arvie’ (that’s Qld speak for arvo, sorry afternoon).

After an ear popping 10% descent down the escarpment into the Lockyer Valley the highway is flanked with market gardens. It’s an easy drive with freeway all the way. 

Better going down than up

With ‘difficulty’ we set up at Burleigh Beach Tourist Park on the Gold Coast which is across the road from the beachside Rick Shores restaurant that was inundated by the sea during the fierce weather in June. Now I say difficulty because the park roadway is narrow and our site has a fire hose box right in front of it. A more difficult spot we’ve never come across.

Woody’s brother Woody the Elder pops in for a chat and we grab a pizza ‘across’ the road. 

We’re having trouble getting our heads around being back in the city. The Gold Coast Highway is metres from our van and about forty restaurants, cafes and coffee shops are within a block. And you know what? Nobody says “G’day”! Cos we’re back in the city.

Our park is between the two towers and the low white building Rick Shores restaurant

Towing Kms: 188Kms

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