Like a Rollingstone, Day 91 – Burleigh Headland walk

Day 91 Monday, 8/8/2016, Burleigh Heads, warm morning, cool afternoon

This morning I walk around the Burleigh headland to Tallebudgera Creek where a dredge is sucking up sand and pumping it overland to the Burleigh Heads beach. This is an all-consuming activity on the ‘Goldie’ of moving sand away from where nature wants it to where people want it.

It’s a 3 kilometre return walk that one can never tire of with views to Surfers in the north and then Coolangatta in the south. There are tracts of rainforest where turkeys and water dragons wander about in the shade and a steep grassy hillside strewn with giant hexagonal basalt plugs.

The car goes off to the garage again to get the orange warning light checked out.

2021 Note: This has to be one of the best short walks of all as there is something for everyone. Wildlife, ocean views, city views, a short stroll on the sandy creekbed at Tallebudgera followed by a good coffee on the beach at Burleigh. What a way to start the day.

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