Like a Rollingstone, Day 108 – West Wyalong to Shepparton

Day 108 Thursday 25/8/2016, West Wyalong to Shepparton, icy misty 4 – 12 degrees

The rain has finally stopped but it is clear and icy. The highway is misty and canola in the mist is magical. The fog then becomes a pea souper and we listen to the truckies talking their way through it. Suddenly we hear “Oh the fucking idiot hasn’t got his lights on!”

At Tocumwal we drop in to check the facilities in the park that our caravan club has booked for the Xmas muster. We get out of the car to check the van sites (in what has been a nudist camp) and Woody starts running in circles, waving his arms and shouting “get out you bastard!” He’s being swooped by a magpie.

We check into Kialla Big4 and part way through the evening, while Woody is still mopping blood from his head, the smoke alarm goes off and the van fills with the stench of burning heater. Yep, that’s heater number two dead.

Towing Kms: 375Kms

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