Capricorn Dancers, Day 3 – The Terminus Hotel

Day 3 Saturday 29/5/21 Tocumwal, minus 1 – 14 a chilly start to a beautiful day

A chance to sit in the sun in our new Oztrail chairs reading the weekend papers. We seem to have to replace our chairs every two years as they begin to sag and get knocked about with all the manhandling. When El Prado traded up to a new pair of Oztrails last month we were deadest jealous of the comfort.

While VeeWee locks herself away for an afternoon of footy we pop down to the old Terminus Hotel for a drink and although the afternoon chill is setting in the bar is warm and cosy. A roaring fire warms the elegant dining room with its starched white tablecloths. The hosts specialise in weddings and a young couple are arranging their function. At the bar we chat with our Park neighbours who like us are relishing their surprise 7 day stay in Tocumwal. Out on the verandah another happy bunch and their dog called Shagger, that’s right Shagger, swear that they crossed the border into NSW at 3:59:59 before the 4:00pm closure. Though there wasn’t and still isn’t a border check point as such.

We toss a sausage casserole in the oven and warm the van, though we are eternally grateful to Toothless for fixing our diesel heater problem a few months back.

Towing Kms: 0

Accom: $29.75

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