Capricorn Dancers, Day 21 – Too good Toogoolawah

Day 21 Wednesday 16/6/21 Somerset Dam, fog then sunny 20

Another foggy morning. The neighbours leave early making us wonder if we only imagined their presence last night. They didn’t even get to see the place in daylight. Were we ever in that much of a hurry?

When the fog lifts we drive over to Toogoolawah to see what is there. We are pleasantly surprised. About the same size as Esk it is just as busy with a Main Street full of cars and shoppers. Of interest to folk like us, there’s a neat RV camp on the site of the old railway station and handy to the shops. There’s an old wooden picture theatre that is brightly painted and full of character and looks to be still in operation. We learn that it survived ‘the big fire’ of 1926 only to be burnt down in 1930 before being rebuilt. We would like to know more about ‘the big fire’ which must have had a big effect on the town. There are 3 pubs in Toogoolawah, a host of old Queenslanders (I’m talking houses not residents) and a wooden church built in Bavarian style that has buttresses which were added after a severe storm. We leave scratching our heads as to what led to the choice of a Bavarian church, but it does look cute.

Returning to Esk we drop into the Club Hotel for a lunch of pie and chips… and what a pie! The old pub is yet another one that has been moved about and as proof there’s a photo and painting of it being hauled down the street. Each room is quirkily decorated in a rustic sort of way. We eat our scrummy pies perched on stools in the warm sun underneath the outside staircase.

Accom: $23.00

Towing Kms: 0

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