Capricorn Dancers, Day 30 – Crumpet weather

Day 30 Friday 25/6/21 Kandanga, soggy 20

We wake to a warm and wet morning and quickly open the van to get a little airflow. Mist hugs the hills and the rain barely let’s up. Yesterday We bought a pack of Jeremiah’s Sourdough Crumpets from Kandanga Farm Store and at $15 for 6 we thought that they’d seen us coming. But, we find at breakfast that they are incredibly good, I’d say the best crumpets I’ve ever tasted.

It’s a perfect day to go to Gympie for long overdue haircuts.

Avoiding the overcrowded shopping centre we walk the Main Street of town until we find someone who’ll fit us in for quick seniors trims. This is an old town with many charming buildings. Unlike so many country towns these days the CBD hasn’t been killed off by the modern shopping centres, yet. Most premises are operating, there are few empty shops and despite the rain people are out and about. Covid appears to have had little affect here.

While we are out and about we visit Imbil, about 8kms away. It too is bustling. The rain and cool weather forces us back to heat up some soup and more of those delicious crumpets dripping in butter.

The whole campground is indoors out of the rain reading. At a respectable hour we wander over to the club and join J & J for dinner. The meal, my first parmie of the trip is excellent. As per normal we don’t win the Friday night meat raffle.

On the Covid front, Sydney goes into lockdown. Our mates The Prado’s have now crossed the border into Qld.

Accom: $17.00

Towing Kms: 0

A sourdough crumpet, perfect for a wintry day

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