Capricorn Dancers, Day 29 – Kandanga Farm Store

Day 29 Thursday 24/6/21 Kandanga, overcast pleasant 22

Woody is up early to go into Gympie for a blood test, life is never dull for us oldies. There’s a pea soup fog all the way and he waits in town for it to clear before attempting a return on a little known road.

After breakfast we walk up to The Kandanga Farm Store cafe which advertises “From farm to fork” and supports local producers. They sell farm supplies at one end of the building and the other end is a kitchen serving meals to diners under cover outside in a rural setting overlooking the veggie garden and cow paddocks. All the food is locally sourced and the growers are showcased in the shop.

Woody spends the afternoon watching the ladies play bowls.

On the Covid front, a NSW government minister has contracted Covid and the Health Minister is isolating. No one is exempt it seems.

Accom: $17.00

Towing Kms: 0

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