Capricorn Dancers, Day 31 – Woodgate and wet

Day 31 Saturday 26/6/21 Kandanga to Woodgate, sodden

The rain continued for most of the night but stopped in time for us to pack up. We’re surprised to find a family camped beside us. Gosh we must have slept well last night to not hear them come in.

The Bruce highway is busy as school holidays have started and of course recently locked down Victorians are now coming through on their way north. We leave the highway just shy of Childers taking the Goodwood Road, then into Woodgate a coastal beach town.

The beach is stunning, with pale blue shallow waters of the Great Sandy Strait (there’s another ‘Great’ Aussies love calling everything Great). Fraser Island must be somewhere offshore in the far distance. NRMA Woodgate Beach caravan park is a quirky park and has the town’s only cafe out front. The town has a pub, bowls club, take away and a few blocks back from the beach a small ‘Friendly Grocery’ supermarket and a pharmacy. Fishing is the name of the game here and driving on the beach.

Dinner is what we call ‘Left Ovaries’ because the fridge overflow and drip tray was completely iced up this morning and had to be cracked into the sink. Now the veggie bin is awash and the carrots are dripping.

After 48 hours of rain, steady rain things are becoming a wee bit depressing. We struggle with TV reception and the pixelation seems to beat to the rhythm of plops, of raindrops from the trees. Woody battles to hear over the noise on the roof. The news is bad, Sydney is struggling to keep pace with this Delta variant. The areas in lockdown have grown. All borders have closed to NSW and New Zealand have closed the travel bubble. I guess we are now locked in Qld. It’s time to pick up the sketch pad and listen to a little music, maybe that will block out the rain. In irony the playlist shuffle chooses Rainy Night in Georgia and yes, I do feel like it’s raining all over the world.

Accom: $43.20

Towing Kms: 202kms

Where on earth are we? Melbourne to Woodgate (Map Source: WikiCamps)
And where on earth is Woodgate? Tucked in behind Fraser Island that great sand island by the Great Sandy Strait (WikiCamps map)
Wet Woodgate

3 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 31 – Woodgate and wet

    1. Very uncertain and we just hope we can stay away from outbreaks. There was one WA couple in our group who struck lockdown in Melbourne but have now done the big lap and after crossing every border are safely back in WA.


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