Capricorn Dancers, Day 32 – There’s rain and there’s more rain

Day 32 Sunday 27/6/21 Woodgate, 15 feels like a soggy sock

Woody had no trouble falling asleep in the drumming rain. He just took out his hearing aids, sighed loudly and hit the mattress. I, on the other hand was comparing the evening to bedding down inside a drum at a rock concert and that falling rain had no rhythm. The only respite was to pull the bed clothes over my ears.

Reluctantly I step into a hot shower and wonder at the irony of needing to wash when the rain still tumbles. When drips from the tree above hit the plastic shower vent it echoes loudly and when you open the roof hatch vent too wide you get both a hot and cold shower at the same time.

Thus, we hunker down for a lazy breakfast and finish those delicious artisan crumpets while we ponder the differences between Queensland and Victorian rain.

The rain continues for most of the day. When there’s a break most people nip out for a walk only to be forced back in when another shower rolls through. By happy hour we can sit outside under the awning, now that is a positive. Dinner is a roasted Chicken Kiev and roast vegetables, just to give the oven another workout and make the place feel cosy.

Accom: $43.20

Towing Kms: 0

Woodgate Beach on a better day, a very pretty spot

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