Capricorn Dancers, Day 36 – A Quick Getaway

Day 36 Thursday 1/7/21 Woodgate to Tannum Sands, warm 26

Not to be beaten I drag out the shorts again for another try. We have warm sunshine at last and Woody can sit in the sun. I go for a short walk along the beach and thankfully it is short as Woody rings to tell me that we have to be out by 10:00am! It is 10:00, hell is that the date already? We should be on the road. Mind you we’re glad to be leaving this park. It’s untidy, the dump point is faulty, there’s only one clothes dryer working, the lights don’t come on in the bathrooms when Woody goes for a shower at 6:00am and our site is dark because we are under trees. We still can’t believe that we got the dates wrong, that’s a first. It’s a relief to leave and we’re packed and gone in minutes with the threat of being charged for another night because we missed our deadline!

Heads still spinning and with only vague plans we head out past Bundy to the Bucca Hotel which offers freedom camping but for a fee. We decide that with our weakness for a pub meal we’re not going to pay $20 for an unpowered site then buy a meal and drinks on top of that. Continuing north we try to book into Mulambin early but that would involve shifting sites so we choose to go into Tannum Sands earlier than planned. At least we will be in a warmer climate zone even though there is more rain forecast for the next 3 days.

With all of this indecision it is a tiring drive. Even grabbing a late pie at Miriam Vale doesn’t cheer us up. Tetchy would best describe us.

At last we peel off the highway into beautiful Tannum Sands and instantly our moods lift. We get our favourite site in the unpowered section and it’s warm enough to BBQ some snags and eat outdoors. Ah, this is the life.

Note: The Tannum Sands Caravan Park has a large unpowered section bordered by natural bush land, with brush turkeys running heater skelter it’s easy to forget that you are in a caravan park.

On the weather front, the TV weatherman has described this year as Seasonally Significant, I could call it something more descriptive, but anyway the rainfall has been double what it should be.

Accom: 21.00 (no power, water available nearby, amenities, wildlife and a beach across the road)

Towing Kms: 229kms

It might not look like much but it feels like home to us

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