Capricorn Dancers, Day 49 – Hip, hip hooray!

Day 49 Wednesday 14/7/21 Mulambin, wet & warm 21

It’s Woody’s 75th birthday and it’s raining but he comes back from his morning walk with an armload of passion fruit. El Prado had spotted a laden vine that hangs over a nearby footpath dropping fruit for all.

We meet in Yeppoon for a birthday lunch at the Railway Hotel where the patrons are colourful and the food ordinary except, the birthday boy scores a Chilli Garlic Prawn and Moreton Bay Bug Spaghetti that is excellent.

A drive around the Rosslyn Bay marina without even getting out of the car just about does us in. But we do find block ice, and a find it is as it is hard to get these days and will keep for a week in our Techni Ice fridge. There’s no better way to chill a beer.

Tonight, we try Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Wings in the air fryer and they are crunchy and scrumptious and finger licking, chin drippingly good. This thing is priceless.

On the Covid front, we ring the clinic to book our shots and are told we can ring back tomorrow to secure a spot. The Sydney lockdown has been extended for two more weeks. Cases have broken out in Melbourne having been transmitted by removalists from Sydney. Masks will be mandatory again at midnight.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Chilli Chicken Wings…this is starting to look like a FaceBook post

14 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 49 – Hip, hip hooray!

  1. If you only knew what was coming to the States (COVID WISE) on Woodys Birthday, Me thinks the Air Fryer is in for a lot of use.


  2. Was it only 6 weeks ago??? From the depths of Lockdown 6 (or is it 7 or 8 in regional Vic), those removalists seem a very log time ago…. Maybe I need to think about buying an air fryer – when we can go shopping again!


  3. Yes to the recipe for the wings in the air fryer!
    Good old block ice. I remember our days of camping where the only way to keep things cold was an ice chest. Block ice was the way to go.


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