Capricorn Dancers, Day 50 – Washing Day

Day 50 Thursday 15/7/21 Mulambin, sunny

Woody is up early to take the car into Rocky for a service. He puts the first load of washing on as he goes. I strip the bed and hit the ground running with the sheets. A young chap is at the laundry door scratching his head. “Gee you have to be early don’t you.” I later realise that I should have warned him to watch out for the Laundry Nazi’s. Those big bosomed old ducks who bellow at anyone who doesn’t empty their machine the moment that the spinning stops. Ducking back to the van I pop the rice into the rice cooker for tonight’s fried rice, then zap back to retrieve load one before the Nazi’s appear. I’m hanging out the last towel when I hear a resounding bellow, bugger! I scurry back to shove the sheets in the laundry bag. The sun is just rising and it looks like I’ve picked a good sunny washing line. Now comes the countdown to get everything dry and off the line before the Line Nazi’s appear to grizzle about the dry washing that hasn’t been retrieved! And that, dear readers is washing day on the road. Is it any wonder that some people trade up to a van that has a washing machine.

Even though the school holidays are over there are a lot of young families here in very expensive rigs, new 4 x 4’s, caravans and boats. This is not the economic image that the media is currently pushing regarding the Covid climate.

I book our 2nd Astra Zeneca shots for next week and Woody returns from Rockhampton pleased with having had an 18km walk while the car was being serviced. A lot more than my 3km walk along Mulambin beach.

We eat dinner outside tonight as the gecko’s make their ‘kiss, kiss’ sounds in the trees.

Melbourne goes into lockdown #5 due to the Delta variant. 12 million Aussies are now in lockdown.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Mulambin Beach, Qld

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