Capricorn Dancers, Day 51 – Brekkie with the birds

Day 51 Friday 16/7/21 Mulambin, hot 27

A glorious morning. Woody comes back from Baked on 44 in Yeppoon with almond croissants and we have a long leisurely breakfast outside with a cheeky Blue Faced Honeyeater for company.

We meet for a very good fish and chip lunch on the beachfront at Yeppoon. We find a shady bench with views to the Keppel Islands. Afterwards we scoot down to Emu Park to arrange for a prescription to be sent there from the specialist back home. I never tire of this pretty little town. It’s less busy than Yeppoon and has a delightful streetscape.

Blue Face Honeyeater, chirpy and cheeky
They are sweeter than they look
I can’t explain, but he’s a regular sight in Yeppoon

At happy hour Kath & Kim have been up to mischief, she accidentally cut a furrow across his hair when she put the clippers on the wrong setting. And while we’re on the subject of Kath & Kim, we learn that they did their bit for the economy of struggling country towns when they were on their way up here. The Prado’s had taken them to the fantastic freedom camp at Grenfell in NSW (we had been overjoyed at staying at this spot last year on our way south). On a walk around town car enthusiast ‘Kim’ had spotted a bargain in a car museum and quickly blew the trip budget by about 40 grand! I once knew every make and model of car on the road but these days I’m no longer fussed so all I can say is that it’s in immaculate condition and is grey and it’s probably on its way to Perth now in a container.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

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