Capricorn Dancers, Day 54 – A shot in the arm

Day 54 Monday Mulambin 19/7/21, sunny 21

We’re up early again, this time to farewell our mates Kath & Kim who are heading west to Emerald today on their way home to Perth via the Barkly Highway into the Northern Territory and on down through the length of WA. We wish them luck but none of us is envious of them as both borders are harsh at present and critical of where folks have been.

We have a quiet morning in the sun before our appointment at the medical centre for our second Astra Zeneca jabs. The receptionists are extremely busy and look tired and frazzled but there is an all-pervading sense of humour here. On the doctor’s door there is a sign:

“I don’t want to run late.

No shopping lists.

1 problem 1 visit

2 problems 2 visits

3 problems see a priest”

Our elbow temperature is taken, “If you’re wearing a jumper, I take a head shot” says the doc.

We oldies are all ushered up the stairs and masked up because the corridor that we’re put in is squeezy. This has the effect of calming us Southerners as we haven’t been into a medical facility without a mask in 18 months and we were quite edgy downstairs. We’re read the riot act about side effects and symptoms, have our details checked and quickly whisked into the pathology room where the doctor says “Relax” and before I can he’s shoving a great big ice pack on my arm and sending me back to the corridor to wait 15mins. I didn’t feel a thing and I’m wondering if I’ve really been vaccinated. Within minutes we’ve all had our shots and are chatting happily while the younger bunch are brought in for their turn with Pfizer.

We return in time for happy hour and are joined by friends of El Prado’s brother. D & K had been waiting in the Northern Territory for the Covid obligatory 14 days prior to entering WA. On approaching the border they were told without explanation that they must wait another 7 days. Rather than wait they decided to head east to Cape York instead. On their way through Hughenden while stopped at roadworks their new caravan was side swiped by the road grader completely destroying the side and back of the van and leaving it a total write off. The only saving grace was that they had a rooftop camper and are able to sleep in that as they make their way home to Victoria.

Cases continue to rise in NSW and Vic is still in lockdown. We debate how we’ll get home if the Sydney outbreak doesn’t improve. The rumour is that we must cross New South Wales, nearly 1000kms in 2 days. That’s a push for us old buggers.

We have a Prawn and chickpea curry while we contemplate the situation.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Note: An evening of feeling a little ‘sooky la la’ convinced me that I did indeed get that jab. What an amazing doctor he was.

Keppel Kraken waterpark, Yeppoon, Qld

10 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 54 – A shot in the arm

  1. We certainly passed plenty of graders and roadworks on our journey. guess we were lucky to have no issues. Had a chuckle at the “sooky la la” that’s one from my childhood.
    There’s no way of knowing how the border requirements will change or when, hope you get where you want to go without too much hassle.


      1. The problem are those people who’d rather believe some crazy person venting on Facebook etc than the medical experts who have nothing personal to gain.


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