Capricorn Dancers, Day 55 – Lammermoor

Day 55 Tuesday Mulambin, sunny 21

A quiet morning in the sun and processing a few hundred photos. It’s surprising how they mount up. Woody walks Mulambin Beach to Causeway Lake. I take the car to Lammermoor and walk the rather delightful beach there. Not only is it pretty but it has a feast of coloured pebbles and shells. Finding two golf balls is a surprise though.

Woody steams dim sims for happy hour and the caravanless D & K join us.

Dinner is salmon baked… in the air fryer with corn, potatoes and asparagus. My God, that thing is getting a workout.

Victoria is now locked to returning residents. It’s time to rearrange our thoughts yet again. Oh, and South Australia is in lockdown too.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Lammermoor Beach, Keppel Islands beyond
Lammermoor Beach, perfect for a stroll
Homes with a view on Lammermoor

5 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 55 – Lammermoor

  1. I’m in SA and we’re not in lockdown, everyone is wearing masks in shops, on public transport etc. When traveling we found it difficult keeping up with the changing regulations. Lots of people we met though were on their way back to Vic. via SA. I think they were given 3 days to travel through the State, ridiculous when you know the distances.


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