Capricorn Dancers, Day 101 – An anticlimax

Day 101 Saturday 4/9/21 Hillston to Melbourne, wet cold

What a shocker of a night that was. Apart from being hot and wet, as we turned out the lights two trucks pulled up beside us. One had livestock onboard and both kept their engines running. The pungent smelling livestock truck left after a while, the other stayed rumbling all night. I tried putting cotton wool in my ears to no avail as I could still feel the rumbling. Woody, without hearing aids slept soundly.

As we reach the outskirts of Griffith wheat gives way to kilometres of almond orchards, then citrus. We each buy a big bag of oranges for $3 from a roadside stand. It’s a dreary old morning, the rain has passed but everything is soggy including a few streets in Griffith that are flooded.

We stop at Darlington Point for yet another pitstop on board. The poor old loo is getting quite a workout as we stay ‘mobile isolated’. They’ve obviously had a lot of rain down here as the Murrumbidgee River is swollen and the little caravan park we had stayed in on our way north is now closed. As we step around mud and puddles we can see why it is so green down this way.

How different things are now compared to 3 months ago when the rules ensured we stay 7 nights ‘quarantining’ in Tocumwal and another 7 days in NSW before crossing into Qld whereas we’re now obliged to pass through NSW in 24 hours before entering Victoria which is in Covid lockdown anyway.

We reach the Victorian border at Tocumwal at 11:42 and what an anticlimax it is. The Prado’s are in front and they are stopped for a green pass and license check. We are waved through. No doubt the patrol is used to caravans coming through in pairs. We say quick farewells on the side of the road and go our separate ways towards home.

Feeling leaden we fuel up and grab a bite to eat in Cobram then head south again through acres of canola and dairy farms. The Hume Highway is a surprise as it is very busy and nothing like last year when we were coming home during lockdown #2 or was that #3?. This time people seem to be moving about more regardless of the 5km restriction. The roads around the north of Melbourne are more like a normal weekend with the kind of traffic that we don’t want to see when we are so tired and frankly totally wrecked. Thankfully the traffic thins as we approach home, we can see why case numbers are higher in the north of the city.

Towing Kms: 615Kms

Border check roadblock ahead at Koonoomoo, Vic
Some new places and some tried and true (Map Source: WikiCamps)

20 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 101 – An anticlimax

  1. This series kept me well entertained during our Lockdown 6 and 6.5 (the one that happened just a few days after the previous one). Hopefully, your next travels will be with more freedom. Look forward to the next saga….


    1. The only major breakage we had on this trip was the Tv and of course the shops are closed at present. We’re reluctant to buy one online as we want to test out the compatibility with Woody’s hearing issues. Thanks for following Peter.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a bluetooth transmitter connected to the TV which links directly to my hearing aids. My aids also connect to my laptop, phone, and any other bluetooth device. Magic! I can have the TV volume at any level in my ears and my wife sets her own level as normal.


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