Shoal Point

Winter 2018, Shoal Point, Qld

Although we know Mackay reasonably well we hadn’t been to the area known as Northern Beaches until we decided to take a drive out to have a bit of a look.

Only 17kms north of the city, Shoal Point is another world. A sparkling curve of north-facing beach with shaded lawns for picnickers. Luxury homes, wide spacious decks, lazy ceiling fans, plantation shutters and all one dreams of for a tropical beach home, yet so close to the city.

With the amount of construction going on it appears that Bucasia and Blacks Beach too are becoming boom suburbs within easy reach of the city.

Feeling trapped in our bland city caravan park there is little to do but watch TV and stick our heads out the door every time a local hoon does a burnout in the side street. Side street circle work.

Shoal Point, now that’s an easy commute

7 thoughts on “Shoal Point

    1. Oh good. Now a hoon is a bit of a bogan. When he gets up to mischief he hoons as in hooning around. So when the hoons are dropping wheelies in back streets they’re hooning around. Bogan should not be confused with the good folks of Bogan Shire in NSW, though we’re all guilty of having a bit of a snigger at the name.

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  1. I think it is worth the inconvenience of being out of town, in order to stay at beachside caravan parks in the Mackay area. We’ve stayed at Bucasia Beach in the past. Overnighted once in an inner Mackay van park and really didn’t think staying in the town had much to recommend it.

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