Balnarring Beach

Balnarring Beach, Vic

Balnarring Beach is on the Mornington Peninsula 91kms south of Melbourne. There is a foreshore campground just a short stroll from the beach but I can’t tell you what it is like to stay at. Not that it’s a secret, just that it’s too close to home! Balnarring Beach has a population of 418 (2016 census) and some quick-thinking folks have snagged themselves idyllic waterfront homes. The town of Balnarring is a mere cycle up the road and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that now that Covid restrictions have eased the local bakery will return to hosting jazz afternoons with a tipple or two. If not, there’s always birdwatching at nearby Coolart Homestead.

Balnarring Beach on Western Port (Bay) with Phillip Island and The Nobbies in the distance
Old groyne, Balnarring Beach
Balnarring Beach, Vic

5 thoughts on “Balnarring Beach

  1. I spent every holiday of my childhood to the age of about 16 camping at Balnarring Beach with my parents. My summers were filled with friends who camped there every year, sunbaking in the sand dunes covered in baby oil (roasting more like it!), flounder fishing with a light and spear at night, and spending every other minute in the water where dad had built a raft for us to swim to, dive off or laze around on. Special memories that I’m sure inspired me to join the travelling fraternity in my retirement. Thank you for your post.


    1. A pleasure. Somers was our go to beach on a hot day. Back when it had much more sand than it does now. Oh the excitement driving past Lord Somers Camp, nearly there, nearly there. I was only thinking the other day that I must go down to Coolart to take a few photos, it would be a delight to sketch.

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