Early Starts

When we’re on the move and travelling with mates there is always the question of what time will we take off in the morning. It may sound like a simple problem, but our blokes never want to be the one to keep the others waiting. To the point that at the very moment someone is seen to be outside their van there’s a dash to catch up and before we know it what had been planned as a ‘lazy morning with a late start’ becomes a flurry of hoses being rolled up and shouts of “Can I take the power now?” as I hurriedly fling dishes in the sink and stow stuff in cupboards.

Now picture this, we are in a lovely grassy little park beside the Murray River at Moorook in South Australia and suddenly the boys are leaping about like frogs in socks. Poor Elle ends up almost falling into the car, faceless and I’m galloping to the little brick dunny as fast as my legs can carry me just so these silly buggers don’t have to keep each other waiting. Is it any wonder we girls always beg for a late start, if we dared to suggest an early one they’d have us on the road at 4:00am.

Resting up for an early start at Moorook, SA

8 thoughts on “Early Starts

  1. Lindsay you really gave me a great chuckle to start the day with. And so absolutely relatable. I’ve sent the link to friends that we’re going to be travelling with in February.


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