Sofala, NSW

Denison St, Sofala

About halfway between Mudgee and Bathurst in New South Wales you’ll find the gold mining town of Sofala. When we first visited the town our GPS was totally confused as to where we were and indeed Sofala with a population of 208 (2006) is but a tiny dot on the map. Gold was discovered here in 1851 when the success of Hargreaves no doubt gave the young colony a tremendous financial boost.

Today the town has the feel of a living history book as its buildings show the passing of time. It is said that gold is still mined here but perhaps like the goldfields towns of Victoria there is still treasure to be found. To my mind though the treasure is in the character of the town itself, those peeling weatherboards and the rusting iron.

Oh, and don’t attempt to take your caravan down the main Denison Street, she just ain’t that wide.

A cuppa and a chat in the Sofala sun
Sofala, NSW

4 thoughts on “Sofala

  1. I first went fossicking around Sofala and Hill End back in the 80’s and from your pictures it looks like the towns haven’t changed that much.

    My son wants me to take him down the Bridle Track and fossick the places I did in the days before grey hair. Hopefully one day when all this covid crap is done.


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