Tocumwal 2021, Day 1- Broken Creek

Always have a Plan C (as in Covid)

Our caravan club had long ago booked a Bendigo caravan park for our Christmas Muster. It was one we’d been to before and were keen to return to. All we had to hope for was that lockdown would end so that our Christmas Muster in late November could go ahead. As regional Victoria and then Melbourne opened up, it was all systems go. Until we got a call from the caravan park manager cancelling our booking as they were to be used by the government for quarantine purposes and didn’t want to risk the health of their guests, us. After much wringing of hands and ringing around we booked into Tocumwal on the New South Wales side of the border and hoped we wouldn’t be hamstrung by border closures. The Tocumwal Boomerang Way park was the one we stayed at for a week of ‘quarantining’ last winter on our way north with VeeWee.

Bookings under control we had planned to leave home on the Tuesday after squaring a few medical things away, but The Jeep had other ideas.

Control, Alt, Delete

As Woody drove out to get a newspaper the car gave up the ghost. An hour or so later it was hauled onto a tow truck and taken to our repairer half way across town. By the end of the day the repairer assured us it would be ready next morning. Tuesday morning a mate dropped Woody over at the repairers to pick up the car which now had a new alternator. Part way home the car once more gave trouble and was kindly shipped back (thanks RACV) on a tow truck to the repairer and this time the battery was replaced.

Day 1, Tuesday 23rd November 2021 Home to Broken Creek, overcast 28˚

The Jeep finally repaired, Woody arrives home, we hurriedly hook up and we finally get away at 2:15pm. It’s the warmest day we’ve had so far this spring. We head up the Monash Freeway, through the tunnel under the city and pick up the Western Ring Road to the Hume Highway…all the way praying that we don’t have another breakdown.

After switching drivers a few times, we arrive at Broken Creek Bush Camp at around 5:40pm, which I might add is late for us. VeeWee, the Prado’s, Toothless and his Missus and a few others including the Prado’s mates The Limmos are all set up. We have dinner in the expansive camp kitchen and meet some folks who were camped with Double or Nuthin’ and Shirley Temple in Cunnamulla a few weeks back. There’s a gaggle of A Vanners here too.

Doc, the owner of Broken Creek Bush Camp has been busy during Covid. He has built a citrus garden, a covered terrace and a stage for the musically minded. As well he has rigged up a charging station for our gadgets, though we do have a giggle when we see a couple of electric toothbrushes on the bench beside the phones.

Toothless lights the fire in the stone fireplace and before long we’re all nodding and thankful we got here.

Light rain falls.

Accom: $20.00

Broken Creek Bush Camp
The Broken Creek charging station has been well accepted

6 thoughts on “Tocumwal 2021, Day 1- Broken Creek

  1. I am very curious about the caravan park in Bendigo. Are you able to indicate in which direction from the city centre it is? Pity your group had to relocate – would have loved to catch up with you for a coffee….


      1. There are a number of excellent parks around town, for sure. Before moving up here, we’d stayed at several of them. I was curious because hadn’t heard anything around town about this. Next time you come through this way, definitely give us a shout…..


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