Tocumwal, Day 2 – Goorambat Pub

Day 2, Wednesday 24th November 2021 Broken Creek, overcast 25˚

Light rain fell all night, but without a breeze we were able to leave the door open. We wake to the raucous screech of cockies. We wander back and forth to the camp kitchen making breakfast and chatting.

Toothless’ Missus (aka Madam Secretary) books the Goorambat Hotel for lunch. Like the Bush Camp we must show that we’re double vaxxed which above all makes us feel more comfortable. The menu is huge and so too are the meals. Goorambat is a tiny town on the North East Silo Trail with some gorgeous murals on the silos and in the local church.

Happy hour drifts into dinner cooked in the camp kitchen and the sun casts golden rays across the paddocks. At least those bunnies hopping about outside the camp kitchen window don’t end up in the pot.

Accom: $20.00

Towing Kms: 0

Railway Hotel, Goorambat, Vic
Silo mural at Goorambat
My favourite of all – Sofia, Goorambat church

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