Tocumwal, Day 5-7 – Ssh it’s Las Vegas

Days 5-7, 27 – 29th November, Tocumwal, hot

Being on muster is a little like a footy trip to Las Vegas so I can’t tell you a lot about what we old caravanners get up to but there are a few things that I can share…

We slept like logs, there’s something magical about this park. We had a morning of frenzied activity as vans were decorated for the Pimp My Van competition. Our Santa in his inflatable suit was out-performed this year by his Elf who raided the local Op Shop for a costume and cheekily dropped his dacks in front of us to display another pair of crazy shorts underneath. Which only goes to show, that when you’re 80 you can get away with anything.

The Tocumwal Golf Club bus picked us up and took us to the club for a delicious Xmas roast dinner. Woody walked home. While the rest of us waited for the bus out front of the club, an owl swooped down on unsuspecting prey on the floodlit green. It seems the wildlife always steals the show.

The Pimp My Van competition was judged by the ever-obliging park managers while we were at dinner. The joint winners did a great job of pimping. Woody and I didn’t have a hope as I messed up the light switch and our solar lights didn’t come on until the following night. There’s always next year.

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