A Chiltern Christmas, Day 3

Day 3 Saturday 18/12/21, Chiltern, hot 38˚

It’s almost too warm to have breakfast outside, Woody is eating his under a shady elm.

It’s a short drive over to Rutherglen, about 17Kms and we can’t believe how quiet the town is for a Saturday. There are no tourists, except us. We have a coffee at the bakery, pick up a few things at the supermarket, like scissors, we lost ours at the last muster and a couple of pies at the legendary Parker Pies. We take the long way home through vineyards and Howlong on the Murray.

Old shop sign, Rutherglen
The Murray at Howlong, how long is that?

We spend the afternoon under our awning trying to get cool. The forecast is for storms, wind and rain but it stays very hot. Eventually, we have cold showers I pack my bra with ice blocks and we sit in front of the fan. The caravan air conditioner is on the blink, of course. The pies stay in the fridge and we opt for a nice cool salad. After sundown, it is magical outside and the lake glows golden. I sit outside until about 10:00pm as it is much more bearable than inside the van.

Accom: 36.00

Lake Anderson, Chiltern

Note: Sorry about the Howlong pun, but I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t drop one into the conversation when the town of Howlong is mentioned.

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    1. They’ve looked at it 4 times and had it running fine, when we get to our destination it’s flashing error messages again. If you know of a reliable a/c firm anywhere in Melbourne south east we’d be grateful.


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