Mt Baw Baw

Day 3, Sunday 5th May 2013, Glen Cromie

We wake to a very cold morning and, I should mention that the amenities block here is an old concrete cinder block type in original condition. The three concrete shower cubicles share the same drain so if someone else is showering you get to stand in their water too. The single handbasin has only one tap, cold.

In the spirit of a chilly morning. We drive up through the forest to Mt Baw Baw. It is 4 degrees on the mountain and the resort is draped in low cloud, we arrive unsure that anything will be open at this time of year. It’s a pleasure to find that The Village Restaurant is indeed open, cosy, and warm and they dish up a good parma. There is a wall of windows overlooking the valley below but sadly all we can see is mist. Outside the only sound is ice slipping off the leaves of the snow gums and breaking on the ground, yes, it is cold.

Misty view of a snowless ski run
In a month’s time this will be draped in snow

On the way back down the mountain, M shouts “WOOD!” And we stop at a cleared pine plantation and throw some wood in the back of the Jeep for the fire as we don’t relish purchasing any from the camp manager. By the car tracks, it looks like this spot is servicing the whole district with free firewood.

Back at camp, we are entertained by S&M’s friends, P&G (yes, they were obliged to pay to visit us) and we cook up a risotto by the fire.


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