A Pawfect Fire

Day 4, Monday 6th May 2013, Glen Cromie

During the night we discover that Dad’s talking thermometer has a function that we weren’t aware of. It woke us up at 2:00am to tell us that the temperature had dropped below zero, -.2 degrees in fact. Thank goodness it’s a powered site and we could flick on the heater.

The morning is cold and brisk but beautiful. After more chilly ablutions in the concrete box we drive into Warragul for a bit of shopping as M has left their caravan heater at home. We return via Drouin and the Noojee Hotel for a burger. In need of more warming firewood we leap from the car at every chance and throw a few branches in the back of the jeep. Back at camp M unpacks the heater only to find that the tall modern style of heater is not a heater at all but a fan! Fat lot of good that’ll be tonight.

Just a bit too big for our fire
Latrobe River from the Noojee Pub deck

There are only three vans in the camp now. We have plenty of wood for the fire which is given a vote of appreciation by the camp cat that wanders in and settles on S’s knee, for the evening. As we wander off to bed the cat settles in for the night.

Glen Cromie campground

8 thoughts on “A Pawfect Fire

  1. We had one of those temperature devices that beeped at zero when we lived in Quebec. We had three weeks at minus 40! The thermometer thing is now buried deep somewhere in the forest of Quebec.


      1. Apparently (and I lived on a vineyard for a few years – Cheers!) those beeping thermometers are intended to wake you up to go out early mornings (in the Spring) to “Frost Fight”- which used to involve lighting very smoky oil to hang over the vines to stop frost damage. I’ve only ever done Frost Fight in 8 years!


      2. Oh, thanks Bruce. I doubt we’ll be growing grapes anytime soon. Chateau Caravan doesn’t quite have the right ring to it. Though there is a vineyard near us called Ten Minutes by Tractor, maybe Ten Weeks by Jeep?

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