Overnight at Barmah

Day 1, Wednesday 11th Sept 2013 Melbourne – Barmah

Dodging the peak traffic, we leave home at 10:30am it’s a grey morning. We’re surprised that we can now bypass Nagambie, there go thoughts of lunch by the lake. We pass fields of bright yellow canola and pick up the old road just south of Shepparton. After a little grocery shopping in Shepparton we do have lunch in the park, though two cars park beside us and insist on keeping their engines running whilst they eat. Is petrol cheap around here? The chortling V8 is especially loud.

It’s an easy drive up to C & M’s bush block at Barmah. C & M are already there and doing some work on their onsite van. The river is very high and fast-moving and it feels like we have it all to ourselves. We have a BBQ over the open fire watched by a possum in a nearby tree. We “chew the fat” until quite late.

Towing Kms: 308Kms


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