From Barmah to Barham

Day 2, Thursday 12th Sept 2013 Barmah, Vic – Barham, NSW – how confusing

The Machismo Clock at Barham, NSW

We’ve had a perfectly quiet night with the only sound a hooting owl. Dragging ourselves out of bed we drink our coffee beside the fire. Everything around us is silver grey, the trees with their bark curves of khaki and silver, the grey dust with its thin carpet of green shoots and the powerful strong silver river with its currents and eddies. After a lazy breakfast we bid our farewells and get underway about 11:00am. C & M will be joining us tomorrow.  

The drive to the twin river towns of Koondrook Barham takes about 90 minutes. The Barham Caravan & Tourist Park is on the riverbank directly behind the town. It is so close to town we doubt that we’ll use the car much while we’re here. Barham is small and quiet and with a tree-lined main street it has a nice feel. The largest and most modern building in town is that of the CluBarham.

John Monash lift bridge over the Murray River

The river is almost up to the top of the bank, apparently, water is being let out of the Hume Weir up at Albury in anticipation of heavy October rains to come. What a balancing act river management must be. The 100-year-old bridge is wooden with a lift-up centre span of steel that caters to the needs of paddle steamers. It was built by Sir John Monash.

We settle in and join our caravan club mates who are already in residence, have a BBQ in the camp kitchen, and enjoy the fabulous open fire that draws well and is totally smoke-free.

Towing Kms: 132Kms


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