Breakdown Blues – Day 22 – Exploring Kenilworth

Day 22 Sunday 26/6/2022 Kenilworth 8 – 22 heavy cloud

Woody runs off to do the washing at Frocks and Jocks across the street from our park. He comes back with a brown box, yep Kenilworth Donuts, the super delicious Pistachio donuts that I’ve been dreaming of since we were here last year. We have a lazy day washing and cleaning the dust out of crevices that show that we’ve been on the road for three weeks and gazing at the tranquil view behind us.

I had forgotten how popular this town is on weekends. I take a walk up the main street but can’t get away quick enough as the day trippers and dogs are on the loose, all wandering dazed from shop to shop. Come on guys there aren’t that many shops. Disappearing up a back street it’s interesting to see the houses and gardens. An old wooden Catholic Church, St John Bosco, who I have to Google to learn that he was an Italian priest from the 19th century (OK, I’m a heathen). There’s a house with a steam roller on the front nature strip (verge) and by the length of the grass, it’s been there for some time. “You can’t miss our place, it’s the one with…”

Wandering takes me down a lane beyond the police station, a culvert crosses the now flowing creek and debris is high in the trees above my head showing where the recent floods have been. I pass an attractive private campground and find Charles Street Park. A mown path follows the Mary River back to our camp. The Mary River is home to 40kg lungfish, cod, and turtles. The banks are strewn with washed-up trees and other flood debris but the walk is flanked with wildflowers and vines.

I wonder where this goes?
Worth the walk for the pretty views
and the ducks
The Mary River, note the flattened saplings on the far bank
Fence piled high with flood debris from the river

For dinner we BBQ lamb chops with a stir fry.

Accom: $25.00

Briefly Spotted: Black-Faced Cuckooshrike


8 thoughts on “Breakdown Blues – Day 22 – Exploring Kenilworth

  1. The emphasis on acquiring and cooking delicious foodstuffs in your blog makes me wonder if you two are entirely spherical 😉 . Though to be fair, you do walk a lot too.


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