Breakdown Blues – Day 23 – Don’t look!

Day 23 Monday 27/6/2022 Kenilworth, some cloud 11 – 23

It was much warmer last night and of course, much appreciated. This morning Elle was woken by El Prado shouting “don’t look!”. Naturally, Elle looked out the window, only to see their neighbour blissfully peeing towards them! Not a pretty sight to wake up to.

Both Woody and El Prado needed blood tests today (one of the joys of getting older) so we piled into the Jeep and drove down the hill to Nambour, about 30kms away. After wandering around the countryside for 3 weeks it was a shock to hit the ‘city’ traffic on the Bruce Highway. When my folks lived in Nambour it was a country town where the cane trains rumbled down the middle of the main road. Now, it’s busy with traffic and shoppers, and discount chemists. El Prado has broken the awning pull-down strap on the caravan so we dash into the industrial area of Maroochydore for a replacement. Yes, Maroochydore now has an industrial area. And scoot back through the suburbia that was once cane fields, to the serenity of Kenilworth.

Walking along the riverbank I spot a group of birds and as I try to photograph and identify them a crazy brush Turkey races in flapping his wings madly and scattering them to the trees. I later learn that they were White Headed Pigeons.

We make hamburgers for dinner.

Accom: $25.00 (includes the free peep show)

Kenilworth Showgrounds, Qld
Growing wild, I’d be grateful if any Queenslanders can tell me the name of this plant
White Headed Pigeons

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