Breakdown Blues – Day 35 – Where the river flows

Day 35 Saturday 9/7/2022 Theodore, sunny cool breeze 3 – 18

We’re glad of our electric blanket as it’s a cold night. D, M & J hit the road to all places northwest of here. We hope we can meet them again somewhere. After all, we did first meet them in an odd spot, on a bus in Beijing.

We spend the morning washing and pottering. Elle cooks lunch and the boys attempt to read in the sun, but the cold wind keeps on defeating them.

I drive into town and meet Woody on one of his long walks. We follow the Castle Creek pathway where residents have planted flower gardens. We find a bird hide and the Junction Park freedom camping area. In some kind of geological anomaly, Castle Creek flows south meeting the north-flowing Dawson River. The Dawson is wide and home to the Dawson River bum-breathing turtles and if you think that sounds ridiculous just Google it or. And no, we didn’t see any turtles but it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of crop growing around here as it is a decent-sized river.

The south-flowing Castle Creek meets the north-flowing Dawson River
The harsh reality – the flood marker
Parkland by the Dawson River
Theodore Pub, we’ll have dinner there another time

Once more we try reading in the sun as the campground fills. It’s a busy night and this must be a big earner for the town. Fees are collected by two ladies who keep a register of license plates and payments as they door knock each night.

As the sunsets, we are forced inside for a pork stir fry.

Accom: $20.00

Note: In the 2010/2011 floods an area was cleared of powerlines and trees near the pub so that residents could be evacuated by helicopter to Biloela, Cracow, and Moura. It was 12 days before they could return to their town.


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