Breakdown Blues – Day 36 – Talking to the trees

Day 36 Sunday 10/7/2022 Theodore, icy 0 – 17 sunny cool breeze

It must have been cold overnight because the talking clock woke us by telling us that it was zero degrees inside the van. You’ve gotta love that clock.

Having a 3rd day here means Elle and I get to have another sleep-in. Woody is cooking breakfast when the power goes off. Gee, this happened last year when were staying here. A quick assessment shows we’ve got a few too many appliances turned on and we’ve tripped the park’s fuse which is out on the power pole. And we were only running the air conditioning, coffee machine, toaster, and hot plate!

Theodore rest area outside the showgrounds

We have a relaxing day walking, reading in the sun, and trying to identify the trees behind us. According to the plant app they’re Tipu Trees. Dinner is leftovers and salmon.

This one’s a Bauhinia and they grow like weeds up here

Accom: $20.00

A window view with one of those ‘unknown’ trees

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