Breakdown Blues – Day 42 – O is for Osprey

Day 42 Saturday 16/7/2022 Mulambin, sunny cloudy sea breeze 21

It’s hair colour day now that we’re plumbed in. I didn’t particularly want to put hair bleach on campground lawns. While Woody visits the farmer’s market in town, I wander about the van with hair colour and cling wrap on my head.

El Prado is having some leg problems so while Elle walks the beach he takes a stool to sit on the sand. Before he knows it he’s sunk into the sand and in his words is left like a stranded tortoise on his back with his arms and legs in the air.

Woody walks to Rosslyn Bay and comes back raving about the beer at Beaches bar. While he’s beer tasting I’m pounding along Kemp Beach and find an Osprey nest atop a light tower in the Rosslyn Bay car park.

Perched on high
Yep, that’s an osprey
A full moon rises over the caravan park

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